Unlock your student's potential using these easy-to-use math programs

Math Software provides students with the extra boost they need to get through math. This is perfect for the student that is having trouble reading the math textbook. The interactive feature makes working with the programs fun and easy!

These materials are suitable for middle school, high school, review math for college students and they are particularly good for home schooling. For a lab setting, there is record keeping for individual students as well as for the entire class.

Most math teaching programs started out as textbooks, and then computer modules were added to supplement the textbook. Math Software programs are designed from scratch as computer modules.

The approach was to develop the concepts as if the teacher was discussing mathematics with a student. So these programs are much like having your own private instructor. Work at your own pace and improve as you go!

We are developing new programs constantly and soon will be able to help students and teachers of all levels.


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