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Week 1

6/2/14 - Chapter B1

Week One homework assignment, Chapter B1 Due by 6/9/14

Online Chapter B1 test

Week 2

6/9/14 - Chapter B2 and B3

Week Two homework assignment, Chapters B2, B3 Due by 6/16/14

Online Chapter B2 test

Online Chapter B3 test

Week 3

6/16/14 - Chapter B4

Week Three homework assignment, Chapter B4 Due by 6/23/14

Online Chapter B4 test

Practice Test 1

Online practice test 1

Deadline for Test One (covers Chapters B1, B2, B3, and B4) 6/30/14

Week 4

6/23/14 Chapters B5, B6

Week Four homework assignment Chapters B5, B6 Due by 6/30/14

Online Chapter B5 test

Online Chapter B6 test

Week 5

6/30/14 - Chapter B7

Week Five homework assignment, Chapter B7, Due by 7/7/14

Online Chapter B7 test

Week 6

7/7/14 - Chapters B8, B9

Week Six homework assignment, Chapters B8, B9, Due by 7/14/14

Online Chapter B8 test

Online Chapter B9 test

Practice Test 2

Online Practice test 2

Test 2 covers B5, B6, and B7-- Deadline for Test 2 is 7/14/14

Week 7

7/14/14 - Chapters B10, B11

Week Seven homework assignment, Chapters B10, B11 Due by 7/21/14

B10 Chapter test

Online Chapter B11 test

Week 8

7/21/14 - Chapters B12

Week Eight homework assignment, Chapters B12, B13, Due by 7/28/14

Online Chapter B12 test

Practice Test 3

Online Practice Test 3

Test 3 covers chapters B8, B9, B10, and B11. Deadline for Test Three 7/28/12

Week 9

7/28/14 - Chapter B13

Week Nine homework assignment, Chapter B14, Due by 8/4/14

Online Chapter B13 test

Test 4 covers all 13 chapters. Deadline for Test Four 8/7/14

Week 10

8/4/14 - Review for final exam